welcomeBorn and raised in Rhode Island, Donna Ide has always been a native to New England. Its charm and heritage have been a constant source of inspiration for her illustrations.

At forty years old, Donna decided to make a huge career change from being a bookkeeper, of fifteen years, to becoming a full time illustrator. “I always wanted to draw,” says Ide, “and decided that if I had to work, I may as well do what I was created to do. I’ve seen too many people go through their lives being unhappy because they got stuck in a profession or job that just did not suite them.” Donna went to graphic arts school and through a process of time, started her own business, Hometowne Prints. Its slogan, “Memories are made of this” certainly defines what her illustrations do, make memories.

Donna has successfully worked as a freelance illustrator for local, national, and international clients in the personal, corporate, and social spectrum.

She continues to live and work in New England.